Our Services

Bureau Service's staff have extensive experience in place-based policy and program implementation and evaluation, and localised stakeholder engagement particularly in regional and remote communities. Our team are experienced in identifying and engaging with key stakeholders to consult with them on the challenging policy and service delivery environments in which they operate. We map the inter-connectedness of services available in-situ, and relationships between industry, government, NGOs and other key local stakeholders, and design solutions to complex issues in service delivery.


We have the agility to tailor and innovate our methodology and engagements to meet the requirements of each scope of works.

Stakeholder Engagement

Shared benefit for communities. business. government and regions is critical. We offer a suite of services to support shared benefit in local communities including:

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholder Issues Identification

Social Impact Assessment Reporting

Stakeholder Engagement 

Digital Engagement Strategies 

Community Engagement 

Cultural Respect

We bring cultural respect and a high level of cultural competence in consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, both individuals and organisations, and are experienced working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. 

Evidence Based Approach

We take an evidence based approach that is based on sound document and data-analysis, and comparative analysis of quantitative and qualitative information emerging from the input of key project stakeholders. 

We use a range of tools, research instruments and quality frameworks appropriate for each project scope. 

Digital Solutions for Maximum Engagement

We use simple but elegant tools to encourage engagement on several levels, ensure consistency of approach, share information, mapping relationships and measuring performance. These tools enable robust and visually compelling analysis. Some of the digital and online tools that we use include:

Network identification – a tool based on social network mapping software that maps networks and integrated relationships between communities, supply chains, and key influencers;

International Benchmarking tools – we partner with Winning Moves and tailor their international benchmarking tools to measure organisational performance, supply chain performance, for industry and government clients;

Engagement HQ tools – community engagement software platform, which can be used in a variety of applications, including engaging with or across groups of stakeholders.