About Our Services

Our  team of Advisers and Associates are highly experienced, who currently hold or have held high level security clearances, and have worked with the highest levels of Government delivering strategic support to 

  • Boards and Committees, 
  • Cabinet and Ministerial Offices, 
  • Taskforce support and implementation, 
  • Bilateral and international meetings coordination,
  • Change management initiatives, 
  • Project management offices, 
  • Strategic research project management, and
  • High profile events on behalf of government.  

We are discreet, efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, and technology savvy.  Our Events Management team and our senior Communications Associates are also available on request to assist with other high profile or strategic activities as required.

Board Governance and Secretariat

We support your Chair, Board, and CEO to ensure your organisation operates within a sound governance framework, and the Board is well prepared and briefed for each meeting. 

Our Board Secretariat staff have vast experience working alongside Boards, assisting the Chair, Board and Executive Team with Board meeting management, and governance requirements. 

Our experienced Board secretaries can attend your Board meetings and provide the following support:  

  • Prepare and circulate your Board packs;  
  • Arrange logistics for the day;  
  • Provide Minute taking services, Minute actions and issues;  
  • Manage Directors registers; and
  • Support sub-committees;
  • Manage strategic research projects for the Board. 

Committee Management and Secretariat

Facilitating Cohesive Teams to Achieve a Common Goal 

Gain the most from your committees and working groups by using our expertise in meeting organisation, minute taking, project management, business analysis and secretariat support. We co-ordinate and facilitate working groups and committees to deliver consensus-based outcomes in a collaborative, co-operative manner. Our clients typically operate in highly technical sectors interfacing with industry, government and non-government organisations, professional groups and the public. We are adept at taking our secretariat and project management skills and applying them to new areas and sectors. 

Meeting and Network Facilitation 

We are proactive, diplomatic and outcome-focused when it comes to meeting the needs of Executive teams. Bureau Services can provide a single point of contact for your committees and working groups, supporting the Chair and Project Leads in the delivery of work stream goals. Our services include meeting logistics (in-person, video conference and online), meeting facilitation, setting the Agenda and discussion papers, travel and accommodation arrangements.  

Project Management

We can manage projects from scope development to the management of multiple project streams to deliver an overall programme of work. 

Consultation Management 

We support Committees with stakeholder engagement and public consultation processes. 

Secretariat Support 

We can arrange meeting paper preparation, collation and circulation, minute taking, actions, issues and risk registers. 

Taskforce Support

A Taskforce is  made up of experts from across an organisation, across multiple organisations (not always sharing homogenous views) and/or from across the community.  Representatives on a taskforce can often come to the table with competing ideas and agendas, from state rivalries to ideological differences, bringing these competing interests together an be challenging.

Our team of experienced, diplomatic, discreet, and qualified project managers can support your Taskforce to deliver on time and manage complexity.  We can help the Taskforce from developing the scope of works, developing a project plan, executing the plan and delivering the final report. We have expertise in managing complex stakeholder engagement, including public consultations, targeted roundtables, and one-to-one discussions with key stakeholders. 

Bureau Services engages experienced writers that can prepare a report for our clients that distils the information gathered during stakeholder engagements into readable and easily digestible content for  the reader. Our  writers are expert at distilling complex themes and content into readable prose, and underpin key themes through graphic representations of metrics and data to demonstrate the evidence base.