About Us

We understand that the significant transformation and disruption currently underway across Industry and Government needs to encompass strategy, people, process and technology. Possessing a wealth of experience driving transformation projects for a variety of organisations, we can deliver the practical support needed to drive change.

Our team have multi-disciplinary expertise across sectors and in local and global markets and are committed to creating positive change, with extensive experience in delivering change management initiatives across organisations, whether it be IT related, shaping the implementation for a new strategic direction, or streamlining operations, our team can assist.

We can support your business transformation and growth.


Our business model is based on aligning our services with the needs of our clients in Government and Industry. We engage a team of experienced Associates and staff who have worked at senior management levels delivering complex programs and projects.

  • Our team of experts have multi-disciplinary senior leadership and management experience from across Industry and Government;
  • We provide the continuity to build long term relationships to design and deliver quality services;
  • We design flexible solutions to help our clients manage their internal resourcing capacity and capability;
  • We provide Value for Money.

Enabling Services

  • Change Management - design and implementation
  • Chair and Senior Executive Support
  • Board and Committee Management and Secretariat
  • Taskforce Coordination and Secretariat
  • Annual Report Coordination
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Scribing Services 

Supply Chain and Vendor Management

  • Supplier Benchmarking - baseline data and performance reporting
  • Activity Based Costing - design and implementation
  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Supplier Identification - particularly minority supplier categories
  • Local Content Procurement Strategies - performance and reporting
  • Government Procurement Advice
  • Indigenous Supplier Engagement & Improvement Strategies and Support

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

  • Stakeholder Identification and Segmentation
  • Stakeholder Issues Mapping
  • Stakeholder Consultation Coordination
  • Rural and Remote Community Engagement
  • Strategic Communication Coordination

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Local Content Frameworks
  • Social Performance Reporting
  • Social Impact Assessment

Organisational Performance and Program Evaluation

  • Programme Performance Evaluation - impact assessment
  • Program Implementation Evaluation - implementation reviews & lessons learned
  • Programme  Implementation and Project Management

Event Management

  • Corporate Events
  • Planning Days
  • Executive Retreats
  • Committee Meetings
  • Board Meetings

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